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25 Sep: Partnership Leyders Associates

Numerous analyses highlight the lack of profitability of fintechs and recommend reducing their cost structure. However, the dilemma is very real for these companies: hiring senior profiles that allow them to structure themselves on a long-term basis, at the risk of weighing heavily on their budget.


15 Sep: New website

We took advantage of the summer period to redesign our website, the new version of which has been online since September 7, 2020. Now multipage and multilingual, the site benefits from several notable improvements that our customers, partners and prescribers have unanimously noted namely …

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07 Sep: Local

To celebrate its creation, Solvethys is investing in modern and bright premises at 34 Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris, allowing us to receive our customers in a friendly way in
meetings dedicated to project success and collaborative work.