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Discover the interview of Solvethys realized within the framework of its integration to the DogFinance network.


1) Can you introduce your company?

The Solvethys project was born out of an observation we made when we held key positions in regulated financial institutions, fintechs and money transfer players. It was very difficult, if not impossible, to find external skills in human-sized companies when we had complex projects to manage or specific issues to deal with related to payment issues. But also trusted partners to develop the different activities, notably: business, partnerships, financial, particular expertise.

This is why, despite the extreme tension and uncertainty generated by COVID, we decided to create Solvethys in June 2020. Our initial ambition was to support international public and private players in the development of their payment and electronic banking activities, whether from a regulatory, financial, product, technical or business perspective.

After a few months of activity, we can say that we made the right decision because Solvethys has been assisting since its start-up about ten clients in Europe and Africa on subjects as varied as

  • Delegation of strategic functions (CFO, CPO, CTO, etc.) in order to support our clients’ growth;
  • EP/EME projects with banking regulators;
  • Improvement of compliance mechanisms for agents of regulated financial institutions;
  • Financial support for fundraising projects in the fintech and insurtech sectors;
  • The strategic framing of a Payment Facilitator project
  • Development of payment initiation modules for Magento, Prestashop and SalesForce,
  • Ect.

Solvethys is positioned today as a privileged business and technical partner of demanding customers, willing to exploit the strategic levers of their payment projects.


2) What is your company’s day-to-day work? 

Our day-to-day work consists of assisting our clients in optimizing the entire value chain related to their payment activities, whether from a financial, product, technical or business regulatory point of view.

Our clients are mainly based in Europe and Africa. They are generally fintechs, banks, central banks, payment players, crypto-currencies and companies with electronic payment challenges such as online merchants or retail players.

Our “customer journey” consists of 80% client missions, 15% business intelligence and internal projects aimed at promoting our knowledge to as many people as possible and finally 5% support for pre-sales and the signing of new projects.


3) What types of jobs do you recruit?

We are currently recruiting mainly for four types of positions:

  • Junior and senior compliance consultants
  • Junior consultants in finance
  • Product managers and business experts in payment and electronic banking
  • Lead developers specialized in payment


4) Do you recruit interns / work-study students?

Yes, we are regularly looking for interns at the end of their studies or in their last year of work-study, mainly from business schools and universities in banking/finance, compliance or banking law. It is always an enriching experience for us, as we accompany the intern in his or her first professional steps, in the transmission of our experience and expertise, and also for the intern, who brings us his or her youth, his or her new vision of client issues and who will quickly grow up alongside us and feel that he or she is there to act and not just to observe. It is truly a rewarding experience for all.


5) What advice would you give to people who want to join a company like yours?

If you are autonomous, curious, persevering, you like to work hard, you are motivated by challenges, you are not afraid to start from a blank page to find the best answers to our clients’ challenges, you have a valid passport and you are fluent in English, you are a legitimate candidate to apply at Solvethys.

If you don’t fit 200% into this description, the Solvethys challenge is unfortunately not for you.


6) How would you describe your company in one sentence?

“Strength in numbers is nothing without audacity and talent”. This paraphrase from Paul Bourget perfectly sums up Solvethys’ philosophy. In our business, numbers do not solve problems, it is the team, its pragmatic vision, its agility and the synergies it creates that do.