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Solvethys assists VAZIVA in the review of its compliance procedures (LCB/FT, KYC, fraud, etc.) with regard to its activities and the regulatory framework in which it operates. Solvethys is also involved in the training of internal teams in the challenges of the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

VAZIVA offers companies’ CSEs (Social and Economic Committees) the dematerialization of their endowments. Traditional gift vouchers, restaurant vouchers or vacation vouchers now take the form of a Mastercard payment card. Regularly used throughout the world, this means of payment enables new uses to be easily and efficiently met in complete security, such as a reservation on private hire platforms, a plane ticket on flight comparators, or a last-minute decorative gift in a store with contactless payment to the nearest euro. Employees enjoy freedom of choice, with a network of more than 30 million merchants in over 200 countries, in stores and on the Internet.