Partenariat Leyders Associates

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Numerous analyses highlight the lack of profitability of fintechs and recommend reducing their cost structure. However, the dilemma is very real for these companies: hiring senior profiles that allow them to structure themselves on a long-term basis, at the risk of weighing heavily on their budget.

As part of its offer to outsource strategic functions, Solvethys has joined forces with Leyders Associate in a partnership to enhance its recruitment offer through a pragmatic three-pronged approach:

1) Delegation of Strategic Functions (CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO, COO, CCO, CPO, etc.) on request to implement your strategy, the processes for structuring your departments and the associated performance indicators

2) Recruitment of a more junior profile than initially planned by Leyders Associate or promotion of an internal profile capable of progressively increasing skills.

3) Accompaniment of the newcomer’s induction by a Solvethys Mentor specialised in the employee’s area of expertise.

Or how to maximise profitability without putting yourself at fault in your business.