Our senior staff, who come from the payment and fintechs ecosystem, will support you in the success of your strategic and operational projects. At your side, they redefine the notion of project success and value generation. business and the solutions proposed by our Software Factory.

Image Levier Stratégique

Strategic levers

“Solvethys assists fintech and payment players in identifying their growth levers and raising funds from European and North American VCs to finance their strategic projects. We also act as a facilitator with regulatory bodies (ACPR, Banque de France, BCEAO, BEAC, etc.) in order to facilitate exchanges concerning requests for approvals and extensions of financial approvals (e.g. money transfer, approval passports).

  • Assistance with fund raising
  • VC support for Fintech investments
  • Application for banking and financial authorisations

Delegation of strategic functions

Aware that the recruitment of strategic functions is a major challenge for Fintechs and payment players, that needs do not always cover a full-time position and that requirements are changing rapidly in high-growth companies, Solvethys has developed its own network of senior executives capable of occupying key functions in transition or in sharetime within Fintechs, Regtechs, payment and financial services companies. 

  • CEO delegation, CFO (finance), CTO (I.T.), COO (Operations), CMO (Marketing), CCO (Compliance) CPO . (Product)
  • Support in the recruitment of strategic positions
  • Mentoring of strategic functions
Image délégations de fonctions stratégique
Réalisation de missions en AMOA

Realization of missions in AMOA

Solvethys is committed to working alongside you in carrying out expertise assignments with the aim of actively participating in the generation of added value within your company. Our scope of intervention covers all the businesses in the payment and fintech ecosystem (e.g.: Improvement of the acceptance rate of means of payment, integration of open banking systems, product specification of payment solutions, PCI-DSS audit, definition of internal control methodology, risk mapping, etc.).

  • Payment and regulatory expertise
  • Electronic banking project management
  • Trade training (regulatory, product, payment, etc.)

Client Projects

Drapeau Angleterre

Delegation of strategic functions CFO (Financial Management) and CPO (Product Management) in support of the creation of a B2C brand.

Drapeau France

Updating of LCB/FT procedures, internal control, RGPD, Anti-corruption and customer support. Compliance training for employees

Drapeau Sénégal

Documentary writing (Business Plan, Executive Summary, Pitch Deck) in support of a €750,000 fundraising campaign aimed at developing client activities in Europe.