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Solvethys assists fintechs, banks, money transfer operators, investment funds and public-sector players in optimising the entire payment value chain and electronic payment issues, whether at the strategic, financial, operational, commercial or technological level.

The founders of Solvethys have managed financial institutions and fintechs with an international reach and our employees all come from the payment and fintechs ecosystem. We understand your strategic and operational issues and challenges, and have taken up many of the challenges you face and will face in the future.

Our offers

Solvethys offers a wide range of products and services for payment players, fintechs and banking players organised around three themes: Services, business development and the solutions offered by our Software Factory. 


Entrust your strategic and operational projects to our multi-disciplinary teams with expertise in payment and electronic payment issues.


Gain access to new markets in Europe and Africa and develop your sphere of influence in your preferred markets.

Software factory

Strengthen your development teams with an agile partner who understands your challenges and has an in-house Software Factory.


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Payment Expertise 

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Solvethys' teams come from the payment and fintech ecosystem and have seniority levels.
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Business Acceleration 

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Solvethys offers its clients access to a large network of partners in Europe and Africa (VC, financial institutions, payment players, etc.).
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Adaptability to customer challenges

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The breadth of our solutions and our innovative business model allow us to offer responses that are perfectly adapted to the specific needs of our clients according to the deadlines initially set.
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Strategic vision

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 Solvethys' partners have led financial institutions with international reach. We understand your issues and have taken on many of the challenges you face and will face in the future. 
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Software factory payment

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We have an in-house Software Factory capable of assisting you in the delivery of the product functionalities of your roadmaps.
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Network operation

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We do not pretend to know everything and do not hesitate to work with experts from our network who share our values of excellence and availability.


Networking is at the heart of Solvethys’ concerns. Networking means sharing working methods and best practices, conveying common values in our projects and instilling a positive dynamic in our actions. Clients, partners and employees share these precepts in order to generate value in each task carried out. 


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Payment initiation

Since late 2019, Payment Initiation has been fueling all the conversations related to the payment ecosystem. Will it be able to replace the transfer in the short term, which costs the merchant nothing? Will it one day be able to dethrone the bank card? These are the questions that payment players and e-merchants are asking themselves…

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Interview Dogfinance

Discover the interview of Solvethys realized within the framework of its integration to the DogFinance network.

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Solvethys is moving

In order to support our growth, we are moving to new offices on the second floor, still at 34 avenue des Champs-Élysées – 75008 PARIS. Bright and quiet, these offices will allow …



You would like to entrust us with a project, you would like more information about our offers, you would like to join our team, leave us a message, we will answer you as soon as possible. 

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